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Welcome to Mrs. DeHart's Class

Sixth grade Math and Math Intervention Teacher

Room 103


Call at RMS: (985)537-5140

Resources for Sixth Grade Math:

Eureka Curriculum to view student and teacher documents:

Khan Academy for videos and practices: 

Louisiana Believes:

Times Tables (Multiplication Practice):


Sixth Grade Standards

Ratios and Proportions

Number Sense




Online Tools/Video Supports on Previously Taught Skills

1. Simplifying Fractions:


          Practice at:

2. Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers:



3. Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions:



4. Multiplying Fractions:



November 4th - 5th Alternate Assignments

1st and 6th Period:  Complete any A.M. Practices, Tests, and Diagnostic Tests assigned online and on paper.

2nd – 5th Period Sixth Grade Math Classes – Your assignments are posted below for you to access and submit assignments electronically.  If you are going to a class that you cannot work on a computer, take a packet from Mrs. Mathes’s office to complete.

CUBS Academy:  Complete any A.M. Practices, Tests, and Diagnostic Tests assigned to you in the Academic Enhancement class on AM.  Work on pages 65 – 75 in the Performance Coach Workbook.

November 4th - Alternate Assignments

1.  Go to and review unit rates using this activity.  Have fun with it!

2.  Go to and complete the "Ratios and Proportions Review" Assignment.

November 5th - Alternate Assignment

Your entire Long Division lesson for today is in

Log in using your AM information and go to the assignment titled "Long Division".

Be sure to have your headphones on so you do not disturb the class with the videos and take notes.

Make sure that you practice with the Quizizz practice and complete the Go Formative practice questions to submit the assignment.