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Sixth grade Math and Math Intervention Teacher

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Resources for Sixth Grade Math:

Eureka Curriculum to view student and teacher documents:

Khan Academy for videos and practices: 

Louisiana Believes:

Times Tables (Multiplication Practice):


Sixth Grade Standards

Ratios and Proportions

Number Sense




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Eureka Curriculum

Parents:  Go to to find all the teacher, student and parent resources for our math curriculum:  Eureka.  The pdfs and helping videos are available to guide you.

March 18th: What's Left to Learn for Sixth Grade Math

We finished Eureka Module 5 Topics A-B prior to school closing.  Students need to cover Eureka Grade 6 Module 5 Topics C - D which includes Volume and Surface Area of 3D shapes.  Then Module 6 which teaches statistics:  What questions are statistical questions, analyzing and organizing data into line plots/dot plots, histograms, and box and whisker plots, and making conclusions about data such as finding the range, median, mean and mode.  


Most important to Sixth grade math is Proportions (Module 1) and Beginning Algebra (Module 4)

Looking for Digital Resources During the School Closures??

  • Zearn at will support your K5 students with math and follows your students Eureka Math workbooks from school.  You can make a free parent account and add your students with accounts for free as well.
  • LearnZillion at has free videos in Math and ELA to help you provide instruction.  You can sign up with a free account.  The curriculum itself is paid but the free videos are great supports.
  • ABCMouse at is great in all core subjects for your students age 2 - grade 2.  ABC Mouse is currently signing students up for free using the code AOFLUNICEF.  You can add up to three students on your parent account.
  • Adventure Academy at is ABCMouse's website for older students serving students from 3rd grade through 8th grade.  The code to sign up right now for free is SCHOOL 7771.  This program will have you download an icon to access the program to your desktop.  You can add three students.

Daily Homework

Each day students should work on Accelerated Math.  Students are given a Diagnostic test with the objectives that:

- We are currently working on in class (this is great practice for test day)

- Once, they master the current objectives, we add objectives previously taught that have not yet been mastered.

Please be sure students are working on AM Online at least three times each week.  This is the only homework given and I check it daily.


Shortcut to Accelerated Math for Raceland Middle School