Raceland Middle School Christian Cubbies

Raceland Middle School Christian Cubbies.

Cubby Constitution:

Purpose / Guidelines of the club:

  1. To create a club for the Christian community of Raceland Middle School.
  2. To develop closer student/teacher/administrator relations.
  3. To encourage higher self- value and self-esteem
  4. To encourage good study habits.
  5. To discourage substance abuse, bullying, and any other areas of challenge in our school.
  6. To create an atmosphere for like-minded teens with similar moral standards.
  7. To create an overall atmosphere of excellence throughout our school.
  8. To assist fellow students facing various difficulties in any possible way we may be of assistance as per their request.
  9. To create a positive atmosphere without peer pressure.
  10. To influence others toward a healthy lifestyle.
  11. To encourage prayer and Bible reading.
  12. To participate in service oriented activities for the school and Community.
  13. To encourage others to submit to and respect authority.
  14. To provide leadership role models.

Activities / Expectations

Goal: Encourage moral and spiritual values


  1. Daily Devotional (Bible Reading and Prayer). (7:10 every morning before school in B hall)
  2. Invite guest speakers to share at meeting. (every month after school)
  3. Raise funds to provide transportation to Field Day and materials for after school activities.
  4. Perform service projects for the school.
  5. Collect and donate toys and gifts at Christmas time for children in need.
  6. Attend Field Day at Victory Life Church in Lockport.



Expectations of Christian Cubbies:

  1. Put God first above all things.
  2. Follow all school rules
  3. Follow the Golden Rule.

Meeting Dates

  • Sept. 10  – 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.    Breakfast with Leaders
  • Sept. 12 – Sept. 23 – T-Shirt Sales
  • Sept 14 – Paint Rocks 2:30-3:30
  • October 12   – 2:30-4:00    Bible Trivia
  • November 9 - 2:30-4:00    Bible Bingo
  • Nov. 10 – Dec. 14– Collect toys and gifts (Balls and Dolls) for needy
  • Dec. 14 – Wrap gifts After school Activity and Bible Trivia
  • Jan. 18  – 2:30-4:00    Bible Skits
  • Feb. 15 – 2:30-4:00    Bible Skits
  • March 15-2:30-4:00    activity after school
  • April or May ___, 2014 – All Day Retreat at Victory

Life in Lockport (during the school day)