Welcome to Mrs. Wilcox's 6th Grade Science Class Page

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Welcome to Mrs. Wilcox's 6th grade Science Class!

I want to welcome you all to a brand new school year. I am excited to begin teaching and getting to know our new 6th grade students. I hope to use this class page to let parents know what we will be covering in class, when test will be happening, and to post resources that will be beneficial to student learning. Please note that the schedule may and will change from time to time.  Check back often to see updated information!! 

To contact me: email me at kwilcox@mylpsd.com   or send me a dojo message. 

Supplies needed for science:

  • composition notebook  (can be any color)
  • blue folder with prongs
  • colors or pencil colors for making diagrams and models
  • pencils (year supply)
  • paper (year supply)
  • Scotch tape (to tape in worksheets into notebook)
  • $5.00 Lab fee 
  • Optional pencil pouch to store their supplies

 Let's make this year a great school year. 

 Mrs. Wilcox 

Important Dates


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Links to Science Websites

October 21-25

Monday, October 21: What affects the amount of potential energy?

Tuesday, October 22: What affects the amount of kinetic energy?

Wednesday, October 23: Simulation on Energy: How does potential and kinetic energy transfer?

Thursday, October 24: Net Force, Balance, and Unbalance Forces  

Friday, October 25: Task 

November 4-8

Monday, November 4:

Tuesday, November 5:

Wednesday, November 6:

Thursday, November 7:

Friday, November 8:

November 11-15

Monday, November 11:

Tuesday, November 12:

Wednesday, November 13:

Thursday, November 14:

Friday, November 15:

December 2-6

 Monday, December 2:

Tuesday, December 3:

Wednesday, December 4:

Thursday, December 5:

Friday, December 6:

December 9-13

Monday, December 9:

Tuesday, December 10:

Wednesday, December 11:

Thursday, December 12:

Friday, December 13:

January 13-17

Monday, January 13:

Tuesday, January 14:

Wednesday, January 15:

Thursday, January 16:

Friday, January 17:

January 27-31

Monday, January 27:

Tuesday, January 28:

Wednesday, January 29:

Thursday, January 30:

Friday, January 31:

February 3-7

Monday, February 3:

Tuesday, Februrary 4:

Wednesday, February 5:

Thursday, February 6:

Friday, February 7:

March 2-6

Monday, March 2:

Tuesday, March 3:

Wednesday, March 4:

Thursday, March 5:

Friday, March 6:

March 9-13

Monday, March 9:

Tuesday, March 10:

Wednesday, March 11:

Thursday, March 12:

Friday, March 13: